About us





    Diagon - established in 1989 - is a leading clinical diagnostic manufacturing company, with 100% Hungarian ownership. We develop and manufacture hematology reagents for a broad range of hematology analyzers and coagulation reagents for a wide range of coagulometers. Diagon, as a system provider is offering instruments together with its diagnostic reagents - cell counters and coagulometers.


    Today, Diagon is a universally recognized leader in the field of hematology. Diagon offers a complete line of reagents for 8 parameter instruments to 5 population automated analyzers.


    Diagon line of reagents for haematology analyzers:
    Abbott       ABX                       Bayer     Coulter
    Diagon      Diatron                  Hycell     Medonic
    Mindray     Nichon Kohden     Seac       Serono Baker
    Swelab      Sysmex           

    Creating the Best Solutions


    Diagon focuses on ensuring the consistency and reliability in performance of its products and methods. We have developed and adopted state-of-the art process technology and strict quality control protocols in full compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 norms. All products manufactured by Diagon have the CE declaration of conformity. The quality of Diagon products is further demonstrated by external quality control surveys in which our customers regularly participate.


    World class product development


    With new analyzers appearing in the market every day, Diagon is continuously expanding its product range. Our R&D is working in close collaboration with reference laboratories and instrument manufacturers. New product development at Diagon is highly focused on the need of our customers. In 2003 we proudly released a new line of reagents for urine sedimentation flow cytometry analyzers. In 2005 we launched our new coagulation reagent line. This demonstrates that Diagon continuous to explore new areas of laboratory diagnostics. Due to our new strategy Diagon developed from a reagent supplier into a system provider offering instruments together with our own reagents.


    Working in partnership


    Diagon developed a close network of carefully selected distributors in more than 75 countries worldwide. Continuous communication with our distributors is one of the key success factors of Diagon's commercial policy. That is why our network has provided Diagon sustained growth over the last ten years. Diagon reagents are constantly monitored and improved according to our customer requirements.


    Dedication to customer satisfaction


    Diagon makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction, notably through our Customer Service Department dedicated to providing a full range of services for both our distributors and their customers. Diagon services include: technical, application and scientific support, technical trainings, after sales services


    Thus, Diagon brings together everything to make our commercial relationship a true partnership.