DiaPerox Sheath A120 4pcs

Code: 24315
4 x 2725 ml
DiaPerox Sheath A120  4pcs
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
DiaPerox Sheath A120 is used by Advia 120 hematological analyzer as a whole blood sample SHEATH reagent.

The peroxidase cytochemical reaction consists of 2 steps. In the first step, EDTA anticoagulated whole-blood sample is diluted with DiaPerox-1 A120 reagent. Surfactants and thermal stress cause lysis of the red blood cells. An aldehyde in DiaPerox-1 A120 reagent fixes the white blood cells.  During the second step, DiaPerox-2 A120 reagent and DiaPerox-3 A120 reagent are added to the peroxidase reaction chamber. A peroxidase enzyme substrate in DiaPerox- 2 A120 reagent and the hydrogen peroxide in DiaPerox-3 A120 reagent form a dark precipitate in white blood cells. A constant volume of the cell suspension from the Perox reaction chamber passes through the flowcell along with DiaPerox Sheath A120. The two fluids flow as independent, concentric streams (no mixing), with the DiaPerox Sheath A120 stream encasing the sample stream.