Diaretic Auto A120 4pcs

Code: 24322
4 x 820 ml
Diaretic Auto A120 4pcs
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
Diaretic Auto A120 is a ready to use staining reagent for the staining of reticulocytes in whole blood sample for the determination of reticulocyte numbers on Advia 120 hematology analyser.

A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is aspirated into the analyzer where a portion of it is automatically diluted with Diaretic Auto A120. The red blood cells are? isovolumetrically sphered and the RNAs are stained. Low-angle laser light scatter, high-angle laser scatter and absorption characteristics of all cells are measured. The absorption data are used to classify each cell as a reticulocyte or mature red blood cell based on the its RNA content. Consult your specific instrument Operators Manual for additional information with respect to procedures and principles for whole blood hematological analysis.