DM-68DS Diluent

Code: DM-68DS
DM-68DS Diluent
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
DM-68DS Diluent is used by Mindray BC 6800 hematological analyzer as a whole blood sample DILUTING and SHEATH reagent.
A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is aspirated into the analyzer where the sample is diluted with DM-68DS Diluent. The dilution is introduced into impedance particle analyzer where the red blood cell count (RBC) and the thrombocyte count (PLT) is measured. To one portion of the dilution a lysing reagent (DM-68LH Lyse) is added for the measurement of hemoglobin (HGB), another portion is hemolysed with reagent DM-68LB Lyse for the measurement of white blood cell count (WBC) and basophil cell count (BASO). DM-68DS Diluent is also used by the instrument as a sheath fluid in the flow cell. The lymphocyte count (LYM), monocyte cell count (MONO), eosinophil cell count (EO) and neutrophil cell count (NEU) measurement is performed using reagents DM-68LD Lyse and DM-68FD Dye staining. Reticulocyte measurement is performed using reagents DM-68DR Diluent and DM-68FR Dye, providing fluorencent staining. Consult your specific instrument Operator?s Manual for additional information with respect to procedures and principles for whole blood hematological analysis.