DM-68LN Lyse

Code: DM-68LN
4L x 1
DM-68LN Lyse
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
DM-68LN Lyse is used by the Mindray BC 6800 hematological analyzer red blood cell hemolysing reagent for the assay of nucleated red blood cells.
A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is aspirated into the analyzer where a portion of it is automatically diluted with DM-68LN Lyse. The red blood cells are hemolysed and the white blood cells and nucleated red blood cells are stained with DM-68FN Dye in a reaction chamber. From the reaction chamber the cell suspension through the flowcell along with DM-68DS Diluent. The two fluids flow as independent, concentric streams (no mixing), with the DM-68DS Diluent stream encasing the sample stream. The sample is then analyzed by two-angle laser light scattering detection using a laser diode. Consult your specific instrument Operator?s Manual for additional information with respect to procedures and principles for whole blood hematological analysis.