Code: g-CoagS
Whole blood INR POC instrument

CoagS ? Whole blood INR POC (Point-of-care) instrument


Point-of-care coagulation monitoring from a single drop of capillary whole blood. Coag S is developed exclusively for professional use including GPs, dentists, cardiac centers, trained nurses for near patient testing of INR to get accurate results within minutes. Coag S INR test has very high sensitivity due to direct optical clotting detection using recombinant Dia-PT test.

Innovative user interface, built-in QC features, large data storage capacity helps your work at your hand.


      •      Built-in RFID technology ensures safe and fast testing
      •      One drop of blood (sample types: capillary blood/venous blood/plasma)
      •      High sensitivity ? recombinant PT test
      •      Immediate and accurate results 
      •      Same operation principles as by automated coagulometers
      •      Small, compact, portable design
      •      Test anywhere, anytime with the built-in battery
      •      Affordable
      •      Low maintenance costs
      •      No trip to lab, instant results
      •      Saves time for both patients and healthcare professionals

 INR tests can be performed:

          • Prior to any dental or surgical procedure
          • Monitoring of warfarin therapy
          • Whenever any additional medications are introduced or discontinued
          • Whenever diet, life style etc. radically change in patient?s life 
Coag S instrument,  reagents and elements
Nr. Name Quantity
g-CoagS Coag S Coagulometer  1 pcs
86025 Coag S INR TEST KIT  25 tests
86010 Coag S INR TEST KIT  10 tests
918 Minipet 200 ul (green) 1 pcs
872 Minipet 20 ul (pink) 1 pcs
8873 Pipette rack 1 pcs
7-091-0029 Sampling capillary (25 pcs) 25 pcs
7-091-0200 Plunge (25 pcs) 25 pcs
613-1066-25 Pipette tip 25 pcs


Unistik 3 extra 21G Lancet 100 pcs