Coag4D D-Dimer + AT III

Code: g-Coag4DDi
Coag4D D-Dimer + AT III

Coag4D ? 4-channel semi-automated coagulometer with unique traffic-light guidance

Versatile 4-channel semi-automated coagulometer with compact design, easy-to-use operation. Innovative user interface, built-in QC features, connectivity to Laboratory or Information System help your work.   


          •      Screening tests, Factors, Inhibitors & User defined tests
          •      D-Dimer and AT III support
          •      Three wavelengths detection
          •      On-board storage up to 20 pre-incubated cuvettes
          •      Special Quick-mode option (Up to 75 PT tests/hour)*
          •      Convenient multi-colour LEDs indicators for test status
          •      Large color LCD touchscreen
          •      Built-in thermal printer
          •      Optional barcode reader
          •      LIS connection
          •      Maintenance-free operation
          •      Low reagent consumption
          •      Extendable data storage

 *depending on operator? skills, using Dia-PT recombinant tests