Coag HD

Code: g-CoagHD
Near-patient whole blood horse diagnostic system
Coag HD

System features:

  • Coagulation test for professional user
  • Blood sampling from sodium citrate anti-coagulated venous whole blood

System elements:

  • Coag HD near-patient instrument
  • Specialized pipettes for precise sampling and reagent dispensing
  • Measuring cuvette
  • Diluent vial
  • Quality controls

Coag HD hardware specification:

  • RFID reader for test management
  • One tempered and covered measuring chanel
  • Liquid crystal color touch screen
  • Computer communication ports for software upgrade and data transfer
  • DC Power supply or battery operation

Coag HD software specification:

  • Innovative user interface designed for supporting colic treatment decisions
  • QC feature
  • More than 500 data storage capacity
  • Convenient network data management software