Immunoturbidimetric tests

Immunoturbidimetric tests
  • Liquid-stable up to the expiry date, even after opening
  • Typical stability 12-14 months
  • Long calibration stability, and high prozone limit
  • Standardized against international reference preparations








DIC100096 Albumin in Urine/CSF (Microalbumin) R1:4x20 ml; R2:2x8 ml
DCA050005 U/CSF Albumin Cal Five Levels 5x1 ml
DIC140150 CRP Dyn.range 2 - 250 mg/l R1:5x25 ml; R2:1x25 ml
DCA070010 CRP Cal Five Levels  5x2 ml
DIC230032 D-Dimer Cut Off 0,5 ?g FEU/ml R1:2x12 ml; R2:1x8 ml
DCA130001 D-Dimer Cal 1x1 ml
DIC240045 HbA1c advanced IFCC/DCCT stand. R1:2x15 ml; R2:1x10; R3:1x5 ml
DCA140001 HbA1c Cal liquid Four Levels 4x0,25 ml
DCC590500 HbA1c Haemolyzing Solution x500 ml
DIC190096 Transferrin  R1:4x20 ml; R2:2x8 ml
DCA040005 Protein Cal Five Levels  5x1 ml

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