D-Cell 60

Code: G-DC60
3 parameter haematology instrument
D-Cell 60
Exellence in its class
  • 3-part differentiation of WBC with improved cyanide-free reagent system
  • 19 parameters + 3 histograms
  • Automatic orifice clearing
  • Automatic sampling probe cleaning
  • Huge number of sample results, including histograms can be stored
  • Built-in thermal printer (optional external printer)
  • Bar code scanner (optional)
  • Touchpad and normal computer keyboard for convenient data entry
  • Large color LCD display

Flexible and Easy To Use

  • Full blood picture from venous or capillary blood
  • Automatic cleaning programs
  • Low reagent consumption, cost effective operation
  • Low sample volume
  • High reliability
  • Maintenance free concept
WBC, Lymph#, Mid#, Gran#, Lymph%, Mid%, Gran%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH,MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT and Histogram for WBC, RBC,PLT

Electrical resistance for cell counting
Cyanide free method for hemoglobin


Parameter Linearity Range Precision (CV%)
WBC(109/L) 0.0-99.9 2.5 (7.0-15.0)
RBC(1012/L) 0.00-9.99 2.0 (3.50-6.00)
HGB (g/L) 0-300 1.5 (110-180)
MCV (fl) 40.0-150.0 0.5 (80.0-110.0)
PLT(l09/L) 10-999 5.0 (200-500)


Sample Volume: Prediluted 20 uL blood, Whole blood 13 uL
Aperture Diameter: WBC 100 um, RBC/PLT 70 um
Throughput: 60 samples per hour
Large color LCD display , Resolution: 800x600
Alerts: 33 different alert messages
Carryover:WBC, RBC, HGB < 0.5%, PLT < 1 %
External keyboard RS232x2, parallel printer (optional),bar code scanner (optional)
Printout:Thermal printer with 50 mm wide paper, matrix printer (optional)
Power Requirement:
AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz,
Weight: 25kg