DM-50LBA Lyse

Code: DM-50LBA
DM-50LBA Lyse
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
DM-50 LBA Lyse is used by the Mindray BC 5500 hematological analyzer as red blood cell hemolysing reagent for the assay of white blood cell count and basophil cell count.
A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is spirated into the analyzer where a portion of it is automatically diluted with DM-50 LBA Lyse. The red blood cells are hemolysed and all white blood cells except basophil cells loose most of their cytoplasm and shrink in size. From the Baso reaction chamber the cell suspension through the flowcell along with DM-50 D Diluent. The two fluids flow as independent, concentric streams (no mixing), with the DM-50 D Diluent stream encasing the sample stream. The sample is then analyzed by two-angle laser light scattering detection using a laser diode. The cells in the suspension are classified into red blood ghosts, basophils and all the other white blood cells. Consult your specific instrument Operator?s Manual for additional information with respect to procedures and principles for whole blood hematological analysis.