Dialyse-Baso II.

Code: 20313P
Dialyse-Baso II.
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
Dialyse-Baso II is used by the ABX Pentra 60, 80, Coulter AcT 5Diff hematological analyzer red blood cell hemolysing reagent for the assay of basophil cell count.

A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is aspirated into the analyzer where a portion of it is automatically diluted with Diadifton Argos/Pentra. A portion of this first dilution is further diluted with Diadifton Argos/Pentra. This second dilution of the sample is then introduced into impedance particle analyzer where the red blood cell count (RBC) and the thrombocyte count (PLT) is measured. To the remainder of the first dilution of the RBC sample a hemoglobin lyse reagent (Dialyse-Argos Pentra) is added for hemoglobin (HGB) measurement. A second portion of the aspirated blood sample is also diluted with lyse reagent (Diafix EO5 Diff. P60) and diluent is added at the end of the reaction as a stop reagent. From this aliquot the flow cytometer measures white blood cell count (WBC), lymphocyte count (LYM), monocyte cell count (MONO), eosinophil cell count (EO), neutrophil cell count (NEU). A third portion of the aspirated blood sample is lysed with a lysing reagent (Dialyse-Baso II) for basophil cell count (BASO) measurement in an impedance detector.