Code: 07508
4 x 2 ml
The Dia-Plasminogen kit is intended for the quantitative determination of plasminogen in human plasma using a chromogenic assay method.
Plasminogen (PLG) is the plasma precursor for the fibrinolytic enzyme, plasmin. The presence of an excess amount of streptokinase creates a complex which catalyses the reaction with the substrate to release p-nitroaniline (pNA).Plasminogen levels may be reduced due to congenital or acquired deficiency such as primary or secondary fibrinolysis. Plasminogen depletion also occurs during thrombolytic therapy, but the most common cause is disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).
The plasminogen-streptokinase complex catalyses the release of pNA from the chromogenic substrate. This rate of activity can be measured photometrically at 405 nm, and is directly proportional to the amount of plasminogen present in the sample. The activity can be monitored as an initial rate method or as an acid stopped method. The enzymatic activity is not sensitive to plasma inhibitors.