Coag S INR test kit

Code: 86025
Coag S INR test kit

Summary and Background

The COAG S INR reagent system consist of recombinant Tissue Factor molecules and isolated lipids from natural sources (thromboplastin required for initiating of coagulation) moreover calcium ions in buffered form. INR values determined by COAG S INR TEST reagents are sensitive for presence of Vitamin K antagonists. Thus, INR values measured on the COAG S INR TEST SYSTEM are optimal for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT).


Measuring Principle

In the Coag S INR Test System recombinant thromboplastin reagent (R1) dissolved in buffer R2 induces generation of fibrin clot after addition of patients blood or plasma sample. Generation of fibrin clot is detectable by appropriate optical measuring instruments. Coag S device utilize optical turbidimetry as detecting system.