Reagent Pack 3x (24101-24106)

Code: 24100
Hemoglobin Reagent 0.5L (24101) Perox Dil 3 265ml (24102) RBC/PLT Dil 1230ml (24103) Perox Dil 2 150ml (24104) Baso Dil 500ml (24105) Perox Dil 1 265ml (24106)
Reagent Pack 3x (24101-24106)
(For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only)
Hemoglobin Reagent is used by the Technicon H*1,H*2,H*3 hematological analyzer(s) as a hemolysing reagent for the assay of hemoglobin.

A sample volume of a whole blood specimen is aspirated into the analyzer where a portion of it is automatically diluted with Hemoglobin Reagent. The red blood cells are lysed and the cyanide in the reagent reacts with free hemoglobin to form cyanomethemoglobin, the amount of which is determined photometrically by the analyser.