Cross reference

Cross reference
Original name DIAGON ID Volume DIAGON name Function
Cell Pack 23101 20 l Diaton-SYS Diluent HGB, RBC, MCV, HCT, RDW, PLT, MPV, PCT
Cellsheath 23202 20 l Diasheath Sheath fluid for cell detection
23303 5 l Diastromlyser FBA Selective lysing agent for Baso detection
Sulfolyser 23105 5 l Dialyser-Sys-SHB Hgb
Stromatolyser 4DL 23601 5 l Diastromlyser Sys 4DL Buffer solution for the diff channel
Stromatolyser 4DS 23602 0,042 l Diastromlyser Sys 4DS Dye solution for the diff channel
Stromatolyser IM 23605 5 l Diastromlyser IM Special detection of the immature WBC-s and HPC
Stromatolyser NR 23613 1 l + 0,012 l Diastromlyser NR kit The reagent is used to measure NRBC-s in NRBC mode only
Retsearch 23205 1 l + 0,012 l II kit Reticulocyte reagent (Not on XT2100D )
Cell Clean 23126 0,1 l Diaclean-SYS Cleaning